SUNDAY #46 – 2015

Wild, weird, wonderful – that was my 2015.

I’ve decided to list my five favourite albums of the year, because I’ve discussed the highs and lows of the last 12 months regularly on this blog, so you can always scroll back through and laugh at my life if you have a spare ten minutes.

Someone recently said they liked my ‘don’t give a f**k’ attitude when it came to dancing under a strobe light in public on a Saturday night. The following five albums have 100% contributed to this behaviour in 2015.

Foals – What Went Down

I am part of a friendship group which finds the release of a new Foals album more exciting than Christmas; we share every teaser, every scrap of information up until the release date. We collectively decided we were in love with Foals’ fourth record, What Went Down, and we all got the chance to see them at their exclusive Village Underground gig in August. On that beautiful night, I realised I had a stellar set of friends, that Foals are one of my all-time favourite bands, and I’ll do almost anything to get to the front as Yannis sings the final part of ‘What Went Down’.

Favourite tracks: ‘Night Swimmers’, ‘Snake Oil’ & ‘What Went Down’

Favourite Lyric: “I fell for a girl with a port white stain, I knew her initials but never her name, I tried and I tried and I was never the same” (What Went Down)

Grimes – Art Angels

I’ve made no attempt to confine my feelings about Grimes this year. I wrote an ‘Open Letter’ about her for Gigslutz, and I even dyed my hair [unevenly] purple, because I was convinced I was an Art Angel. I’ve bleached the dye out, but my head remains full of Grimes’ manic pop sounds. Art Angels is delightfully fizzy and furious, and I’ll be spinning in circles to it for most of 2016.

Favourite tracks: ‘Flesh Without Blood’, ‘Scream’, ‘Kill Vs Maim’, ‘Pin’ & ‘California’

Favourite lyric: “You hate, you bite, you lose, after all – I just don’t like you. It’s nice that you say you like me, but only conditionally. (Flesh Without Blood)

Slaves – Are You Satisfied?

Condensing the greatness of Slaves in to one paragraph will be difficult, but when I heard Are You Satisfied? in May, shortly before my 25th birthday; I was on the punk equivalent of cloud nine. Laurie & Isaac have a no-nonsense, honest, humorous outlook on the mundane things in life. Whether it’s noisy neighbours (Feed The Mantaray), 9-5 employment (Cheer Up London), or failed romance (White Knuckle Ride) – Slaves are the cure to frustration and disappointment. I played the album on repeat for a month, and still listen to it at my local watering hole most weekends. I’m going to learn how to play the drums purely so I can be the female equivalent of Isaac (laugh all you like, I will find a way to combine a love of punk and Downton Abbey).

Favourite tracks: ‘The Hunter’, ‘Sockets’, ‘Feed The Mantaray’ & ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’

Favourite Lyric: “Are you quite done?” (Cheer Up London)

FKA Twigs – M3LL155X **

From January to July, I danced to FKA Twig’s debut album LP1 at least twice a week. The wisdom in her lyrics and her mind-bending choreography offered me an escape route on a bad day; and when she released M3LL155X in August, that escape route widened further. What a sound. What a woman. When I saw her at Bestival I nearly cried – I was captivated by her movements, her control, her ability to hold the crowd’s attention. I fan-girled to the max about her for Gigslutz, and I’ll talk to anyone who has time for her sound.

Favourite tracks: ‘In Time’ & ‘Figure 8’

Favourite Lyric: “The way you dismiss me will turn into missing me like I am yours”(In Time)

**I’m fully aware that this is an EP, not an LP; but it was far too important a listen to leave off the list.

Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

I am telling the sturdiest of truths when I say I listened to My Love Is Cool in its entirety, twice a day, for approximately a month. The mix of quiet and loud songs made it the perfect album to escape to on the commute to work, a walk home in the rain, and a vodka-loaded bedroom rave before a night out. Seeing Wolf Alice live at Brixton this year with my sisters was also a golden experience. We were in our own little circle, dancing away to ‘Bros’ before I threw myself in to the mosh for ‘You’re a Germ’ and pogo-ed my way through ‘Storms’. I’ll be following their every move in 2016.

Favourite tracks: ‘Bros’, ‘Your Love’s Whore’, ‘Lisbon’, ‘Silk’, & ‘Giant Peach’ (so basically, the whole album)

Favourite Lyric: “If fear is in the mind, then my mind lives in fear; as deep and as vast as the dirty British sea” (Turn To Dust)

SUNDAY #34 – Wolf Alice Live @ Brixton

Wolf Alice

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I know I’ve name-dropped Wolf Alice several times on this blog, but I saw them live for the second time last night and it was so golden and grunge-ridden, I feel I need to dedicate another post to them.

I went with my ‘Bros’ – Holly & Sarah, my younger sisters – and we sweated it out in the mosh together (despite Holly being run-down by a cold, and Sarah’s necklace snapping off).

I’ve been playing their debut album My Love Is Cool, and their EPs Blush and Creature Songs to the point of destruction, and last night I got to squirm to ‘You’re a Germ’ and ‘Blush’ like a hormone-fuelled teenager. It topped every night I’ve spent in my bedroom listening to them, tearing down the walls, pretending to be in a band (whilst being respectful of the neighbours, of course).

The crowd were showered in gold at the end of the set, and I left Brixton Academy soaked in sweat and joy. They opened with one of my favourite songs too, have a listen below:



Unusually, this week’s post is all about appearance. My friend Hollie helped me give this blog a facelift, then my hairdresser put blonde highlights in my hair. The last time I changed my hair colour, I was 17. I tried to dye it blonde but the colour came out wrong and turned my hair to straw. I vowed to remain natural, but this week I took a risk and let the bleach do its thing once again.

As I was driving to work with my newly blonde bob, Wolf Alice came on the radio. I turned up the volume, and forgot to care about anything for three whole minutes. Their single ‘Giant Peach’ is released on the 13th of this month, and their debut album My Love is Cool will hit our ear holes on 22nd of June.

Below is my favourite video for the song Moaning Lisa Smile. The dance competition is held on the 25th of May, which is my birthday. I can’t help but ascribe an immense amount of significance to this.

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