SUNDAY #79 – Karmacoma

Massive Attack’s Collected should be prescribed to everyone who uses the train line between Southend Victoria and London Liverpool Street. The duo’s trip-hop sound will sedate commuters to what is medically known as the ‘cooler than a God damn cucumber’ level, so they’ll be able to cope better when their train is inevitably delayed or cancelled.

Collected is my musical salvation, and it keeps me ‘Safe From Harm’ on my daily commute. If you’re not feeling better by the time you reach second track ‘Karmacoma’, then (no offence) you’re beyond help mate.

I’ve missed two gigs this week because last week’s food poisoning might actually be something a bit more serious. Rather than get sad about it though, I put Jeff Buckley’s Grace on and…got a bit sad about it whilst listening to a seminal 90’s record.

I really want everything to go back to normal, and the best way to do that is to blindly carry on typing these blogs and listening to more seminal 90s records. If anyone’s got any listening suggestions, fire them my way.

I’ll be semi-conscious listening to this in the mean time…

SUNDAY #38 – Massive Attack


Two weeks ago, my brother Joe left a copy of Massive Attack‘s Mezzanine on my desk. Two seconds in to listening, I realised it was aural gold.

We spoke about it at 4am on Friday night/Saturday morning. I’d gone with my friends to see Joe’s band – Hate Vessel – at The Mill, and predictably, we all went out afterwards and got disgustingly drunk.

We may have been treading water in alcoholic seas when we were talking about Massive Attack at 04:00 hours, but Joe & I knew exactly why we loved the album: the clear, distilled, calculated sound of Massive Attack is timeless.

‘Tear Drop’ and ‘Angel’ are the best known tracks on Mezzanine, but my favourites are ‘Dissolved Girl’ and ‘Man Next Door’. Have a listen to the first one below: