SUNDAY #95 – Like Swimming

Hangover rating: 0/10

Can’t stop listening to: After London’s ‘Bitter Man’, The Nyx’s ‘Only One’ & Lady Gaga’s ‘Papparazzi’

Gigs attended: Sofar Sounds (Mr Gee was 10/10), The Big Moon @ Omeara.

Today I travelled to Brixton to go swimming with my friend, which is something that’s never happened before because we’re always too hungover on Sundays to do anything. I swam 20+ lengths of the pool to stop myself from thinking about the fact that I’m doing Dry January. So clearly, it’s going really well.

It’s not all bad really. My productivity and bank balance have both benefited from the dry spell, and generally life pre-8pm is pretty swell. Post-8pm….I’d give a left tit to have a crisp, cold pint of beer.

The end is nigh though, so I’ll hang in there, like the stubborn mule I am. I’ll also attempt to swim more than 20 lengths next time I go swimming, if my raisin lungs allow it…


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