SUNDAY #93 – New Year

Hangover rating: 0 (but anticipating a strong 7 tomorrow)

Can’t stop listening to: Kate Bush Hounds Of Love (got it on vinyl.for Christmasss)

Gigs attended in 2017: Biffy Clyro, The Empty Page (w/ Petty Phase & Young Romance), Dream Wife (x4), Ho99o9 (x5), Sahara Dam (w/ The Nyx, Feral Five & Worst Place), Yassassin (x3), Saint Agnes, Dirty White Fever, REWS (x5), Komodo (w/Little Death Machine), The Tuts, Peach Club, DOLLS (x2), Bloody Knees, Isaac Gracie (x3), Skinny Milk (x2), Tired Lion (x3), The Baby Seals, Flying Vinyl Festival (w/ The Wytches & Traams), Ice Cold Slush (w/ Temples Of Youth & Suggested Friends), PINS (x3), Baby In Vain (x2), Kanga, Trash Kit (w/ Bitch Falcon & Alpha Maid), Adam Naas (x2), Courts, The Great Escape (w/ Blood Red Shoes, Slaves, The Japanese House, Raye, & Salen), Strange Cages, Skinny Puppy, Mac DeMarco (x2), Long Teeth (x2), Skinny Girl Diet (w/ GUTTFULL & Fight Milk), Deux Furieuses (x2), Sink Ya Teeth, Eckoes, Tuffragettes, Reading Festival (w/ Korn & Haim), Berries (x2), Catgod, Deerful, NONN, Beckie Margaret, The Pretenders, Papa Roach, Gary Numan, H. Grimace (w/ Charmpit & Sit Down), Tycho, Placebo, Pale Honey, The Magnettes (w/ MeMe Detroit, Carolyn’s Fingers & DIDI), Wolf Alice, Bob Vylan, The Killers, Chelou (x2), Asylums (w/ Suspetcs & Darrah), Dream Nails, Baby Arms, Noise Noir (tonight!)

I predictably fail to be optimistic about New Years Eve on an annual basis, so I’ve learned to accept that I’m going to be a subdued sod whatever I end up doing.

However, in a rare attempt to gain some kind of optimism about the occasion, I’ve spent the last few days thinking of songs that reference the New Year; and I’m confident I’ve found a few diamonds that articulate the simultaneous delight and disappointment surrounding this celebration. 

The Big Moon – ‘Happy New Year’

If anything’s going to convince me to be cheerful this year, it’s these stylish, suit-wearing garage rockers. I’ve got less than a day to learn that dance routine…

Rage Against The Machine – ‘War Within A Breath’

Whilst Zach De La Rocha’s lyric “Everything can change, on a New Year’s Day…” is a direct reference to the date the Zapatistas revolted against the Mexican Government in 1994, it’s also the perfect mantra for anyone who thinks 2018 is the year to become more politically engaged, or simply to suck the venom out of their personal life.

Deathcab For Cutie – ‘The New Year’

Look guys, I’ve tried to be whimsical with my indie band song choice and then serious with my rap-metal activist group; but all I want to do this NYE is wear a lot of black, and stare at the bleak night sky whilst listening to this on my headphones. Happy 2018!


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