SUNDAY #92 – Truly

Hangover rating: 6.5/10

Can’t stop listening to: Nova Twins  ‘Mood Swings’ & Cigarettes After Sex’s ‘Truly’.

Gigs attended: Mac DeMarco @ Coronet Ballroom

I’ve just emerged pink and clean from a steaming hot bath, and I’m feeling sentimental about all the old faces I’ve seen in the last seven days.

I went back to Southend on Tuesday to throw myself around a mosh pit for Suspect‘s video shoot (fell flat on my arse – 250 quid forYou’ve Been Framed ) and I’ve just returned from Brighton after spending the weekend with my best friend John and his pals.

I’ve had about 4 hours sleep and 60+ cups of tea, so I imagine I’ll conk out after writing this.

Not really sure what I want to say, other than thanks, and sorry for taking about a century to write another boring blog. New (slightly less) boring blog coming next week…

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