SUNDAY #91 – Dreams

Today, I scrubbed away the mould growing in the grout between the bathroom tiles and didn’t put any make-up on. Yesterday, I got dolled up and spent the afternoon with the ultra cool Dream Wife girls at their fake prom video shoot. What an eclectic weekend.

I replied to their call out on Facebook for people to get involved in their shoot for upcoming track ‘Let’s Make Out’, and before I knew it, I was in Dalston, slightly pissed at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, wearing a dress I wish I’d worn to my real school prom back in 2006.

Walking in to the venue was surreal; the Dream Wife girls had flame-like eyeliner on their faces, there were balloons and streamers all over the place, and a group of very trendy young things were dancing around and making out with each other. It felt like the coolest hallucination, and it was even cooler than the time I interviewed the girls for Gigslutz at The Old Blue Last earlier this year.

I didn’t have anyone to snog (much like at my real Prom) but that was okay. I had a sparkly dress and a few sparkling glasses of Prosecco – I was just a girl on a video set, loving life, occasionally dancing with the crowd, then watching other people make out at a fake prom. It really was a dream.

Another dream will be coming true tomorrow morning. Us Get In Her Ears girls are launching a website that will sit alongside our existing radio show and gig nights. We’ve gone rogue, and I’m off my tits on excitement.

Sod going back to reality.


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