SUNDAY #70 – Human

I read this article whilst I was sat in the safety of my air-conditioned, complimentary snack-giving office on Thursday afternoon.

I spend a lot of my time whining about the silly things I do when I’m drunk on this blog, and whilst it’s okay to joke about #firstworldproblems, I feel fucking awful knowing how much time and money I waste on myself, when this small boy in Syria and thousands like him are suffering on a level beyond my comprehension.

You don’t need me to get political/philosophical about the conflict in Syria, but perhaps (like me) you do need reminding that you are in a position of privilege and you can use that privilege to help. Whether it’s £2.50 or £250, a donation to Child Refugee Crisis Appeal won’t put an end to the violence; but it might help some of the innocent children caught up in it.

It feels a bit weird to put a song at the end of this blog, but we all need some form of escapism when we’re reminded of inhumanity, so here’s mine:

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