SUNDAY # 66 – Affection


Oh guys, I’ve really let myself down.

I’ve failed to effectively enforce my personal “write a blog by the end of every Sunday” deadline, and I’m sure you’re all extremely disappointed in me (especially you, Mum).

Naturally, I want to apologise; but it’s hard to be genuine when the reason I’ve been skipping blogs is because I’ve been bombing about all over the place. In the last two weeks I’ve been to Village Green Festival, performed in two improvised comedy shows, been on the radio, and of course; I’ve been drunk, drunk, drunkety drunk.

Oh, and I got a haircut and attended a Craig Charles DJ set (thanks for that one, Rachel).

Being busy isn’t the only reason I’ve failed to deliver such sterling (lol) original (lol) content in the last 14 days. Last Sunday, I woke up and frankly; I wanted to stay in bed, feasting on those vile 9p packs of curried noodles, and then go on a spontaneous road trip to Brighton to see my friend perform his stand up routine.

Sometimes, it’s okay to hit the pause button and steal a few hours of the day for nothing but staring at walls and slurping noodles.

As with everything in my life, these “few hours” had a soundtrack. It was mainly just this, on repeat. Have a listen and let it put you in a bitter sweet, sultry trance…

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