SUNDAY #65 – Party Time

david bowie (1)

For once, I’m not the most hungover member of the family (well done me). Today, that award goes to my Mum, who is currently laying on the sofa watching/sleeping through Wimbledon, and trying not to be sick.

We’re all feeling worse for wear because we were celebrating my cousin Connor’s 21st birthday last night. I haven’t seen my cousins from my Dad’s side of the family in years, because we’ve all been busy growing up/getting hammered etc., so it was nothing short of bloody lovely to see them all last night.

We reminisced about the time Connor ran head first in to our patio doors, and when Charlotte didn’t know what Twister was. Alex and I also discussed the classic Crudgington childhood games; Jurassic Park (aka the greatest game ever invented) and ‘find the apple in the paddling pool filled with bubbles’.

I also had a healthy debate with Stan and Charlie about the EU Referendum (don’t worry, we’re still friends) and then I practically forced Charlie in to agreeing to teach me how to skateboard. We accomplished a lot last night, and I’d like to thank Stella Artois and Champagne for helping us achieve our goals.

Everything gets a bit blurry after that, but I remember dancing to David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ with my Mum, and trying not to tread on the (terrified) dog. Aunty Pat had told me earlier in the evening she’d recently re-watched her wedding video, and during the first dance you can see three year old me; dancing away, undermining their moment of marital bliss. 23 years later, I’m still indulging in the same behaviour.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in bed watching Series 3 of Girls.

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