SUNDAY #58 – Judd Nelson Fist Pump Time

judd nelson fist pump

I’ve had a beautiful week; I conducted my first face-to-face interview with the ever cool & super nice Youth Club on Tuesday at The Lexington, and I witnessed what can only be described as pure, unshakeable love at a friend’s wedding party on Wednesday night. I also drank a few too many gins, and cried a bit when I re-watched Asif Kapadia’s Amy Winehouse documentary, and 6 hours of the AMAZING BBC drama, Happy Valley.

Tonight, I’ll be channelling my inner Annie Lennox/Robert Smith/Michael Jackson on the dance floor at 80s night. I’ll be Judd-Nelson-fist-pumping all over the shop, then nursing my bruised biceps tomorrow morning when I realise I’m not an American teenage burnout; I’m just a girl with a bob cut who doesn’t know how to dance in a socially acceptable manner.


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