If  you’re trying to raise your levels of serotonin after a particularly savage night on the sauce, I’d recommend perusing the following Twitter accounts:

Pingu Problems (@PinguReacts)

For penguins and people who know the struggles of every day life

GET IN THE SEA (@getinthesea)

For those seeking sweary, offensive catharsis.

Leo DiCaprio Reacts (@LDiCaprioReacts)

For those looking for a way to incorporate more DiCaprio in to their lives.

LOTR Reacts (@LOTRReactss)

Don’t tempt me, Frodo…

I’ve lost hours of my life scrolling through the posts on each profile. I regret nothing. You’re welcome.

One thought on “SUNDAY #57 – DISTRACTION

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaand now following all of those. Because if there’s one (or four) thing(s) I need in my life, it’s one (or four) more funny distraction(s) to amuse myself. (Pingu I can especially relate to…and I don’t often say that.)

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