SUNDAY #48 – Out Of The Woods

I’m going to make this easy for  you, reader. There are three groups listed below. If you identify with group ‘a’ or ‘b’, please continue reading. If you identify with group ‘c’, please click away now.

a) Taylor Swift lovers

b) Foals fanatics

c) Taylor Swift loathers or Foals loathers

Good. Now that formality is out of the way, we can all fully enjoy the glory of Taylor Swift’s most recent music video for ‘Out Of The Woods’. Whilst the CGI is questionable, and the footage is a tad repetitive; there’s something highly cathartic about watching Swift’s remarkably symmetrical features thrash about in the mud. I genuinely enjoy the way she belts through the woods and embraces her identity, whilst singing along to another stellar pop tune.

Alternatively, if Foals are more your style, their original song ‘Out Of The Woods’ (released back in 2013) will also do the trick quite nicely. The video lacks the romanticism of Swift’s, but the song is equally as cathartic and addictive in its lyricism and sound. Plus, Yannis makes riding endlessly  up & down in a scabby looking lift look like the trendiest of past-times.

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