That’s it. I’ve sunk the Baileys (aka Ballycastle), I’ve eaten the final sausage roll, and I’ve put the Ferrero Rochers on stand-by. I hope your Christmas was as golden as mine.

2015 was generally a golden year, and I had a stellar soundtrack to accompany me as I ricocheted from event to event. I was the human equivalent of a rash when it came to listening to/writing about new bands for Gigslutz. They’re going to need a strong antiseptic cream to calm my ever-burning desire to fan-girl.

One of the final things I was involved in writing this year was a collaborative piece with Mari (Gigslutz New Music Editor) and fellow writer Elli, entitled ‘Ones To Watch in 2016’. Have a read, and make sure you rock up to at least one of the gigs these guys are playing next year.

Now, I’m of to dye my hair purple for 80s night. Annie Lennox imitations are imminent.



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