SUNDAY #37 – Reviews


I have spent the weekend in Brighton and my brain is currently in a wonderful, weird whirl of Friday night’s gin and Saturday night’s sweat. I think it’s best if I plug a few things I’ve already written this week, because forming sentences today has been a bit of an issue since 7pm #firstworldproblems #hungover

Firstly, I got to write an open letter to Taylor Swift’s Critics for Gigslutz. It’s hard to articulate how much glee went in to this piece.

Secondly, I got to review This Is The Sound of Sugar Town – a charity EP featuring 12 different rock/alternative bands from Bury St Edmunds. All proceeds from the sales of the records are going straight to their local Women’s Refuge.

Finally, I spent my lunch hour on Wednesday reviewing When The Storms Would Come by the incredible Holy Holy. I recommend you buy their album (and read my review, obvs)

That should be enough – I’m off to bed (aka to watch Carrie Matheson in Homeland and maybe cry out the last of the weekend’s gin before work tomorrow)

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