SUNDAY #36 – London & Emilie Nicolas


It is with great smugness & pleasure that I announce I now work full-time in London. For the next 9 months, I will be commuting to and from the capital with a spring in my freshly graduated step.

My day starts at 9:30 and finishes at 6:00pm – so rather than face the rush hour queue to get in to Holborn station, the inevitable pigeon steps all the way down to the platform, and the sweaty sardine-style journey on the tube – I walk from Holborn to Liverpool Street when my working day is done.

With my earphones in, the rush of the city becomes romantic instead of enraging. Emilie Nicolas has kept me company on my 40 minute walks to Liverpool Street this week. I bought her album Like I’m a Warrior as a present to myself when I found out I’d secured the permanent position as a ‘Presentation Scheduler’.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Emilie live at Somerset House – she supported Chvrches last year – and I reviewed her album for Gigslutz. Listening to ‘Grown Up’, ‘Charge’ and ‘Fail’ as I walk past St Pauls Cathedral sends shivers through my bones. I hope these shivers continue for the next 9 months (I’m sure they will, winter’s on its way). If they do start to fade, however, I’m sure a gin & tonic will perk me up…

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