SUNDAY #34 – Wolf Alice Live @ Brixton

Wolf Alice

(Picture courtesy of:

I know I’ve name-dropped Wolf Alice several times on this blog, but I saw them live for the second time last night and it was so golden and grunge-ridden, I feel I need to dedicate another post to them.

I went with my ‘Bros’ – Holly & Sarah, my younger sisters – and we sweated it out in the mosh together (despite Holly being run-down by a cold, and Sarah’s necklace snapping off).

I’ve been playing their debut album My Love Is Cool, and their EPs Blush and Creature Songs to the point of destruction, and last night I got to squirm to ‘You’re a Germ’ and ‘Blush’ like a hormone-fuelled teenager. It topped every night I’ve spent in my bedroom listening to them, tearing down the walls, pretending to be in a band (whilst being respectful of the neighbours, of course).

The crowd were showered in gold at the end of the set, and I left Brixton Academy soaked in sweat and joy. They opened with one of my favourite songs too, have a listen below:

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