SUNDAY #31 – 365(ish) Days


Approximately 365 days ago, my heart was freshly bruised from a break-up and I was concerned about what I was going to do next (understatement of the century).

My reaction to the end of a 3.5 year relationship was extremely delayed, but the grief caught up with me and I realised running from, and raging against the heartbreak wasn’t working. Sometimes, it really is best to burst like a sad little water balloon and drench your Mum in snot and tears.

Time has been both a friend and a foe, but ultimately, a year later, I can comfortably say ‘I’m good’. I’ve been saying that for 365 days – but today I really mean it. I could blush about how happy I am, but as always, Wolf Alice are here to do my ‘goodness’ justice.

I am hung-over though…so there’s still room for improvement.

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