SUNDAY #28 – Conversations & FKA Twigs (again)


Finding the right words can be difficult, but when you finally form the perfect sentence; people take notice – especially on the internet. That’s what this week has taught me. I’ve also learned that there are only so many ways to say ‘I’m hung-over. HELP ME. Berrr’.

When I was younger, I was borderline mute in my shyness. I could talk fluently as a character on stage in the school play, but starting conversations with others used to be a full-on struggle. I couldn’t explain things properly unless they were written down, which is a shame – because few people at school had the time to sit and wait whilst I penned an essay about why purchasing Avril Lavigne‘s Let Go was the best musical decision I’d ever made. (That was in 2002. I had to sell my copy on eBay recently. Tough times).

Fortunately, I’ve grown out of this silent vocal habit, but I still thrive on paper; and that’s why I cherish any encouragement and kindness with regards to my writing. Caitlin Moran wrote in her novel How To Build A Girl: ‘Explaining why you love something is one of the most important jobs on Earth’ – and what better way to do that than on the page of a diary, the back of a notebook at work, or on the internet? Don’t settle for anything less than pure, golden enthusiasm and excitement when it comes to explaining why you ‘get’ something. Don’t hesitate when it comes to starting a conversation; whether it’s viral or in real life – it will be worth it.

Speaking of starting conversations: Trevor Nelson interviewed my friends and I at The Pink Toothbrush last night. Watch the results of the amazing/potentially life-ruining experience tomorrow night on The One Show (if we make the cut).

Also: look at this insane/incredible video from the flawless FKA Twigs. It’s definitely a conversation starter. I’ve been vogueing all over the place.

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