SUNDAY #26 – Gratitude & Alanis Morissette



I’ve had 10 hours sleep and I am hang-over free. I imagine that sentence was as boring for you to read as it was for me to type. I’d apologise – but being sober and stacked-up on sleep is precisely what I’ve needed.

I saw my youngest sister Sarah graduate on Tuesday at The Southbank Centre, and I completed my second week of working in lovely London. Unfortunately, I also got food-poisoning, which has resulted in much stress, further ill health, and sleepless nights. We can’t have everything, eh?

I should be in Brighton today with my friends celebrating Pride, but illness saw that plan cut brutally short on Saturday morning. I could use this blog to lament about these ultimately un-gnarly things, but I’ve been doing that all week to my Mum (hero).

Sometimes you have to sit down, calm down, and accept that life can simultaneously hurl diamonds and rocks at you. It’s okay to complain about the bruises left by the rocks; as long as you remain grateful for the stunning, sparkling clarity of the diamond moments too.

Speaking of being thankful, Alanis Morissette seems to understand the whole diamond/rock situation. I was 8 years old when I saw the video for ‘Thank U’. 17 years later, Morissette’s lyrics and bear-all attitude are still relevant. I might try the nudity thing on my next commute. Don’t think it’ll be as poetic as she makes it look though…

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