SUNDAY #22 – 25 Revisited & Slaves


Earlier this week, someone sent me a list entitled ’25 Things You’re Too Old To Do Now You’re 25′. The message was intended as a joke, but the sender was 6 years my junior, so it’s hard to tell who was laughing hardest (probably them – they have time and youth on their side).

The list had some valid ideas, but each bullet point felt like a nasty poke in the rib cage. I felt odd reading this mildly humorous/emotionally shaming article. Where’s the list that says ’25 Things To Do Regardless of Your Age/Wage/Awkwardness?’ I WANT TO READ THAT LIST. Maybe I should write that list?

I imagine anyone 25+ will become fully enraged when I admit turning 25 was traumatic for me. I love birthdays and try to drag out the celebrations for as long as I can, but turning 25 punched me right between the eyes. I didn’t know what it meant – what do 25 year olds do? Well, I’ll tell you…

25 year olds learn that worrying about age is pointless. 25 is neither young nor old, and that’s a perfect position to find yourself in. Panicking is a waste of time – so the best thing to do is simply power through until you feel better.

How do you feel better? You play Slaves’ album Are You Satisfied? at an ear-blistering volume for 14 days in a row. You’ll realise this album is the sound of two guys, having the time of their lives, whilst absolutely smashing the s**t out of their instruments.

It will re-enforce your pre-existing belief that no-one’s really got it all sorted – whether they’re 25 or 65 – and that’s alright.

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