Where are all the Women at Festivals?

I used this article as an excuse to talk about all my favourite female rock bands, because: why not?

Belle Jar

With the recent news that Florence and The Machine are to replace Foo Fighters on the opening night of Glastonbury this year, there’s been a fresh batch of criticism and even sexist remarks about female headliners at music festivals. These remarks seem to follow the following thought processes:

  1. Women don’t want to play music/like music as much as men do
  2. Women excel at pop music, not rock music
  3. Women have tiny brains and tiny hands. How can they hold guitars/drumsticks/microphones, let alone understand how to actually use them?

(Okay, I made that last one up)

Before you stop reading because you think I’m a bitter, musically bias misandrist, I’d like to state that I think the majority of all-male bands who’ve been selected to headline major music festivals are genuinely there on merit. Muse, for example, appeared to confirm earlier this year that they will be headlining Bestival, and…

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