SUNDAY # 20 – Sidelines & The Big Moon


(What there sometimes feels like)

‘Watching people stand on the sidelines when they’re clearly good enough; that’s the saddest thing’

The wise words of my improvised comedy teacher are quoted above. My classmates and I stayed behind for a few drinks after comedy class on Thursday night, and he came out with that corker.

I have always felt comfortable on the sidelines of life, but this comfort has occasionally developed in to complacency. I’ve ranged from ‘interested onlooker’ to ‘actual coat-stand’ at some points – seriously – I once stood at the back of Chinnerys and held everyone’s jackets whilst they smashed about in the mosh pit to the Klaxons in 2010.

Since that fateful day, I’ve slowly been moving away from the safety of the sidelines and putting myself out there. There might be the dance floor on a Saturday night, the spotlight in an improvised comedy show, or my body in an inflatable wrestling pit at a music festival. It turns out, there is actually a great place to be. I can’t continue to take a back-seat in life or hold on to other people’s problems/coats any more.

The girls in The Big Moon are definitely not the type of girls who live on the sidelines. I saw them at The Great Escape in May, and the memory of their punk attitude and pony-tails made me fork out for tickets to their UK tour later in the year. I advise you to listen to ‘Sucker’ and learn how not to become one.

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