SUNDAY #18 – Kate Bush


You never understood me, you never really tried

I only discovered the eternal charm of Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love last Christmas. The whole album deserves in-depth analysis, but in the interest of keeping the few readers I have, I’ll only discuss my favourite tracks.

‘Waking the Witch’ has an intro which makes me want to cry like a nine-year old daydreamer who’s fallen and scraped her knees in the playground. Bush’s grand piano playing coupled with the encouraging, yet cautious voices capture the state between dreaming and waking perfectly.

Bush knows the struggle, but bangs a bloody drum and dances to her own bloody beat, because that’s all a girl can bloody do! The album is captivating and powerful, but laced with vulnerability. She freely admits in title track ‘Hounds of Love’: ‘I’ve always been a coward, I’ve never known what’s good for me’.

You might think I’m some barmy girl with a bob who needs to get out more (probably true), but when the day’s about to close, no-one’s called, and you’re sick of your routine: I recommend playing Hounds of Love, and busting your way through that dark cloud in any way you can (aka dance like you’re tearing your bedroom walls down)

(Plus, her ‘Ninth Wave’ Tennyson reference is Spot. On.)

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