Why Wilkinson Swords new Bikini Quattro advert cuts me up

I got angry, I got mean, and wrote this piece about unruly body hair for Belle Jar.

Belle Jar

Currently, I can’t find the new advertisement for Wilkinson’s Bikini Quattro Razor anywhere on the internet. Let’s hope the creators have been heckled to within an inch of their hair-free lives by feminists, and have therefore had to remove the ridiculous video.

There are certainly more important things to concern yourself with than unruly body hair, but if you’ve watched the recent advertisement for Wilkinson’s product, you might be led to think it’s at the top of every woman’s agenda. Men can walk around with beards the size of bird’s nests under their noses, but if women have one stray pube: OH MY GOD. CATASTROPHE.

“You can’t possibly have fun, or be free, unless your pubes have been cropped to perfection” – That’s not a direct quote, but it’s implied by the young woman in the advert, reading her poorly written script. She says something about spontaneous skinny-dipping, then thanks…

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