Interstellar Live, Letters Live & Caitlin Moran at The King’s Head

WARNING: This blog post contains excessive name dropping and shameless gloating. I have seen and heard some amazing things in the last few weeks and I want to share them with you. I would’ve blogged sooner if I hadn’t been studying*

*staring at the pages of my workbooks, trying not to have a break down.

On Monday 30th March, my friends and I went to The Royal Albert Hall to see Interstellar Live. When Christopher Nolan released Interstellar in 2014, it completely changed my perspective on sci-fi cinema (and Matthew Mcconaughey). The mind-bending plot and exquisite soundtrack blew my mind right out of my ear holes. I jumped at the chance to see the film a second time, accompanied by a live orchestra and introduced by a panel of geniuses.

Physicist Stephen Hawkings was the first of many brilliant men to grace the stage. He welcomed the audience and introduced the panel: Professor Brian Cox, composer Hans Zimmer, director Christopher Nolan and physicist Kip Thorne. They discussed the science behind the plot of Interstellar (which still manages to escape my understanding – tesseract, anyone?) and of course, the incredible soundtrack. After a brief interval, Michael Caine fed the audience some anecdotes about Christopher Nolan before the film and live orchestra began to play. The musicians played flawlessly. Impromptu applause followed several pieces and echoed for what seemed like eternity once the credits had rolled. I cried. Science and music are just spectacular. Honesty Level: 100% (TARS!)


On April 4th, I went to Letters Live with my friend Rachel. She’d purchased the tickets in the knowledge that Benedict Cumberbatch would be one of the many speakers at the event, reading out letters of note. No other speakers had been announced. Tom Odell opened the ceremony with musical renditions of his chosen letters; Matt Berry read Elvis Presley’s letter to President Nixon, Cumberbatch read Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, Tom Hiddleston‘s impersonation of Marlon Brando was uncanny, Juliet Stevenson’s Marge Simpson was impeccable, Tobi Jones gave new life to words from Ted Hughes, and Kylie Minogue (yes, KYLIE MINOGUE!) read Nick Cave’s letter to MTV. Each time a speaker was announced, I turned to Rachel and excitedly exclaimed expletives before focusing all of my eyeballs on the stage. We were star struck and spellbound by the words and the presence of such talent.


On Friday 10th of April, Rachel and her family friends Mark & Francis invited me to see Caitlin Moran at The King’s Head. The pub was tiny and due to lack of seating/feeling confident on gin, I sat right at the front. Rachel & I had been fortunate enough to briefly meet Caitlin at The Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction last year when she was a judge, so the privilege was slightly re-lived as I sat inches from her Dr. Marten’s and fabulous hair. She gave stellar life advice for young women and read some excellent extracts from her new book How to Build a Girl. She also re-enforced the ‘what would Courtney Love do?’ mantra that I’ve been attempting to emulate for the last 6 months. What a woman.


Ultimately, it’s been an absolute pleasure to witness these events and share oxygen space with some of the country’s finest minds and mouths. I look forward to the next cluster of cultural celebration!

(Gloating over*)

*for now

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