Unusually, this week’s post is all about appearance. My friend Hollie helped me give this blog a facelift, then my hairdresser put blonde highlights in my hair. The last time I changed my hair colour, I was 17. I tried to dye it blonde but the colour came out wrong and turned my hair to straw. I vowed to remain natural, but this week I took a risk and let the bleach do its thing once again.

As I was driving to work with my newly blonde bob, Wolf Alice came on the radio. I turned up the volume, and forgot to care about anything for three whole minutes. Their single ‘Giant Peach’ is released on the 13th of this month, and their debut album My Love is Cool will hit our ear holes on 22nd of June.

Below is my favourite video for the song Moaning Lisa Smile. The dance competition is held on the 25th of May, which is my birthday. I can’t help but ascribe an immense amount of significance to this.

(Image courtesy of:

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