SUNDAY #8 – Placebo @ Cliffs Pavilion


The year was 2009. I was nineteen, I was bored, I was watching Kerrang! on TV with my older brother. We were watching a countdown show, something along the lines of ‘the best bands of the 90s’. The video for Placebo‘s Pure Morning came somewhere in the top 20. My brother and I watched Brian Molko stand on the edge of a building, take a leap of faith and live to tell the tale. Skins were certainly crawling when the video ended. Brian Molko had me in a whirl; I wasn’t sure if he was a boy or a girl *feels smug about getting a Bowie lyric in to a blog post*

Placebo formed in 1994. I was gunning around the back garden at four years of age, pretending to be Robin Hood when their first album was released. With the help of Youtube, live DVDs, stealing their albums from my brother’s room, and seeing them at Brixton Academy in 2013: I soon became addicted. I’ll probably shed an androgynous tear when I see them again at The Cliffs Pavilion tonight.

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2 thoughts on “SUNDAY #8 – Placebo @ Cliffs Pavilion

  1. “I wasn’t sure if he was a boy or a girl”

    I am SO glad I’m not the only one who thought that. And Pure Morning is a classic, both the song and its video. Placebo were like many great 90s bands: have really striking videos that were either amazing, fucked up, or usually, both.

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