SUNDAY #7 – Made in Dagenham & HAIM


Belle Jar bobbed along to London yesterday to see Gemma Arterton sing her feminist lungs out in Made in Dagenham. It was one heck of a sassy day. Juliette & I criticised the patriarchy hanging on the walls in The National Portrait Gallery, and afterwards we met Louisa for pizza, beer, and stories about WOW. I’ve woken up without a hang-over, and a desire to write a musical. I think I’m ‘growing up’.

Now, from one set of great women to another: back in 2013, HAIM released their debut album Days are Gone. I managed to completely overlook the album, even though friends had told me it was great, and my sister bought it for me at Christmas. Two weeks ago, I was rooting through my CD drawer, and there it was. I decided to give the HAIM girls one more chance. The CD’s not left the record player since. I’ve subsequently developed a deep love for Este, Danielle, and Alana.

I downloaded ‘Pray to God’, their collaboration with Calvin Harris, as a silent apology for ignoring their previous efforts. I’ve also been youtubing the living daylights out of them. At least 15 times this week,  I’ve considered growing my hair long again, wearing my cut off shorts, and flying out to America to become their fourth member. I will be learning their dance routines, and recruiting my sisters in to a band too. I suggest you do the same.

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