My Father’s Motorcycle, Salon Privé 2014, and a spot on Henry Cole’s TV Programme: The Motorcycle Show (ITV4)

For anyone who is interested in building or riding motorcycles, I highly recommend you watch the most recent episode of The Motorcycle Show on ITV4.

This particular episode features footage of a very special bike, which was built by my Father. He spent over 6 years working on it in his workshop at the end of our garden, and since its completion; has been invited to showcase his work at numerous bike shows and events. The bike has a Norton frame, with a handbuilt V8 engine. I am currently drafting up an article with more details about the construction of the bike (with the help of my Dad), but I wanted to share his achievements with anyone who is interested.

My Dad’s bike is briefly discussed by Henry Cole in this episode. Henry is at the elite and prestigious Salon Privé British Supercar and Motorcycle Show, and this is where my Father presented his bike earlier this month.

Here is a picture my brother took of my Father, with his bike,  talking to Henry Cole, at Salon Privé. Look out for the bike in the episode!


My Father with Henry Cole, Salon Privé, 2014


My Father and his Motorcycle at Salon Privé, 2014

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