Re-blogged by The Belle Jar: Mary Beard in conversation with Laurie Penny: Why are we so afraid of outspoken women?

Belle Jar

On Wednesday 30th July, two other members of the Belle Jar team and I travelled up to London to see Mary Beard in conversation with Laurie Penny at Conway Hall. Mary is head of Classics at Cambridge University, and Laurie is a journalist who writes for The New Statesman and The Guardian. Given we also speak publicly about feminism through this blog, hearing these women speak about their academic and journalistic experiences of sexism was of profound importance to us budding writers.

The event was chaired by Helen Lewis, the deputy editor of The New Statesman. She welcomed the audience, and pointed out Caroline Criado Perez, who was seated in the front row. The evening began with a slideshow of screenshots of the horrific trolling and abuse Caroline received on twitter in 2013. Mary Beard received similar abuse when she appeared on Question Time in the same year. Laurie Penny is…

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