CHVRCHES @ Somerset House

I have always wanted to visit Somerset House. I have always wanted to see CHVRCHES live. On Thursday 17th of July, I managed to combine both of these desires in to one incredible memory.

Regrettably, I missed CHVRCHES slot at The Great Escape Festival last year, and their shows at The Forum earlier this year. To atone for my absence, I’ve been bedroom raving to their album, The Bones of What You Believe, and following Lauren Mayberry’s online feminism like a very loyal, but slightly irritating sister.

When I finally obtained tickets for their Somerset House show, I felt destined for a night of electronic paradise. I arrived at the venue early on the 17th with my younger sisters (semi-drunk on cheap, pre-bought, Aldi wine) and took in the stone splendour that is the Somerset House court yard. Support act Emilie Nicolas took to the stage and successfully held the crowd’s attention with her harmonious voice and ambient, electronic music.

At 9:25 GMT, Lauren, Iain and Martin took to the stage and opened their set with ‘We Sink’. The lights flashed and danced across the crowd’s faces as they erupted in cheers and chanted along to Lauren’s vocals. ‘We Sink’ effortlessly flowed in to ‘Lies’ and I felt complete. I danced with the other members of the crowd (except the kids in front of me who insisted on taking thousands of selfies throughout the show), and I felt their synth-pop genius flow through my blood stream like electricity.

Most importantly, it wasn’t just the crowd enjoying themselves; in between songs Lauren and Martin engaged with their audience, making jokes about touts outside who were trying to sell them tickets to their own shows (or ‘the churches’ as one tout remarked); and graciously thanking everyone for spending their money on, and investing their time in CHVRCHES. Lauren even challenged a random blogger’s accusation that her ‘knees looked sad’. Ultimately, CHVRCHES live at Somerset House was a night of synthetic glory. Lauren’s vocals were perfect and Iain and Martin didn’t miss a single beat on their electronic and synthetic instruments. I’d happily live the night over and over, but I’ll settle for more bedroom raving for the time being.



CHVRCHES Live @ Somerset House. 2014.

(I only took a few pictures, I swear!)

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