“It’s just a plant, fam” – Why cannabis isn’t the drug you think it is

Insightful and interesting read here. “Sometimes being safe is just as cool, man”

We Talk About Drugs

One in three of us have tried cannabis. If you’re in that one in three, like I am, you were probably told this right before you tried it the first time:

‘It’s a plant, fam – it’s like eating a vegetable – stop being a little pussy, it’s good for you, yeah?’ or something thereabouts.

You agreed without giving it much thought, took a pull, nodded along with everyone else whose eyes looked as though they were recovering from a hit of pepper spray, and listened to Bob Marley’s back catalogue.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 13.47.31

More often than not, I’d experience the worst of its effects: the acute psychotic episodes – the paranoia, the anxiety and the rest of the nasties that comes with THC. I did try playing my guitar once whilst high to tap into its ‘creativity enhancing properties’ (and because it looked good when Hendrix did it) but came off sounding like I’d just picked…

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