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If you haven’t seen Easy A… you haven’t lived! (Well, you probably have lived…but I like to exaggerate for dramatic effect).
Released in 2010 and directed by Will Gluck, the film stars the amazing Emma Stone as witty, intelligent and down-right hilarious student Olive Penderghast. The plot focuses on how she copes with being a supposedly ‘sexually active’ student in an American high-school.
After reading that plot summary, I imagine many people will dismiss Easy A under the assumption that it’s ‘just another sex-crazed, teenage, high-school movie’, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Yes, the character is a high-school student, and yes the plot does focus around sex, but the irony is that Olive does not actually have sex at all. She fakes sexual activity and puts her reputation on the line to help her friends, which initially sounds like a selfless, wonderful act, but realistically, it brings her nothing…

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