Re-blogged by The Belle Jar: Feminism and the Third World: The most effective charity advert I’ve seen

My fourth article for The Belle Jar Magazine.

Belle Jar

A while ago, whilst travelling to London by train I was confronted with this advert:

plan advert

The advert forced me to consider a terrifying alternative to the life I have led. I am a white, British woman and I come from a working-class background. I am not wealthy but that does not mean to say I am not privileged. I have the right to an education. I have the right to vote. I have the right to voice my opinion. These are all privileges I often take for granted.

I remember being twelve, I remember how embarrassing and confusing puberty was. I remember going to school and enjoying my lessons. I remember being told I could achieve anything, as long as I worked hard enough. I cannot fathom the idea that instead of enrolling me in to mainstream education, my parents would force me to marry an older man at the…

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