Re-blogged by The Belle Jar: Why I need Feminism

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Belle Jar

I was eighteen when I first began to take an active interest in feminism. I read The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination and it changed my life. It’s authors, Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar adopt a feminist approach in a series of critical essays which discuss the representation of women in literature and the role of the female author. The book is probably best known for its radical re-thinking of Charlotte Bronté’s Jane Eyre (which its title is based on). I was amazed by the frankness of their opening question: ‘Is a pen a metaphorical penis?’. I’d never encountered anything like it; such bold, unrelenting and intelligent writing! Their discussions introduced feminism to me in a way that I found extremely empowering. I had never paid much attention to, or properly understood literary criticism until this point in my life (despite being…

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