Blood Red Shoes @ Shepherd’s Bush

Yesterday I travelled up to London to see my youngest sister Sarah who is studying anthropology at Roehampton University. Aside from being a loving, supporting, brilliant sister, my visit had another motive; Blood Red Shoes were playing at Shepherd’s Bush and I really wanted to see them play live again.

Sarah met me at the bus-stop and we went in to a posh pub for a fish and chip dinner and a bottle of red wine. As a result we were pretty hammered by about 5:30; and took a lot of stupid, vain photographs on her webcam. We then preceeded to get the wrong bus that terminated too early, and then turn the wrong way out of Shepherd’s Bush Market tube station (My bad.) This would be a funny anecdote if it wasn’t polar bear weather in London at the moment; so we spent a good 30 minutes rambling about in the cold, before finally reaching our destination with just 20 minutes to spare before the show began.

However, when Laura-Mary and Steve came on stage all the frost-bite was forgotten. We hesitated about pushing further towards the front but the guitar riffs of Heartsink and It’s Getting Boring By The Sea, were too hard to resist. We decided to be very un-gentleman like and push our way to the centre of the mosh. We spent the remainder of the gig writhing with all the other sweaty fans in a state of punk-like-bliss. It is amazing that just two people, a guitar and a drum-kit can make that much noise. The hour sped by and when the lights came on I was gasping for a drink, but sad that there wouldn’t be any more dancing.

If you’ve never seen Blood Red Shoes live you really need to dig your Dr. Marten’s boots out and trek on down to their next show. Forget your fear of crowds or your hatred for ‘the man’, just go there and sweat with all the other wannabe anarchists. That’s what Sarah & I did last night, and it was grand.

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