Foals @ Concorde 2, Brighton

WARNING: This is going to be another biased blog-post about another band I love.

On Monday evening I travelled down to Brighton with my sister, Holly to see FOALS. The evening hadn’t started well: we were over-charged for our train tickets (STUPID RAILCARD RESTRICTIONS!), our ‘hotel’ was an absolute nightmare (I’m still trying to get a refund, DO NOT stay at The Sandalwood Hotel in Brighton!) – But, ultimately: SEEING FOALS IN A SMALL VENUE LIKE CONCORDE 2 WAS WORTH BEING RIPPED OFF FOR!!

Obviously, I am GUTTED about losing out on money that I worked really hard for, but it was so hard to care about that when I was just a few metres away from Yannis Philippakis and Jimmy Smith. I saw FOALS at Brixton in 2010 when they released their second album Total Life Forever, and since then I have been desperate to see them in a more intimate venue. When I saw their pre-Holy Fire tour dates my heart nearly popped with happiness.

The support band for the evening were Trophy Wife, who I have seen before in Brighton at The Great Escape Festival. We caught half of their set which was lively, loud and excellent preperation for what was still to come. FOALS were on at 9:15 and every minute of their sound-check made every blood-drop in the crowd vibrate with anticipation.


They played several classic Antidotes tracks including: Electric Bloom, Balloons, Olympic Airways, Two Steps Twice, Red Socks Pugie and The French Open, (No Cassius though!) as well as Miami, Blue Blood and Spanish Sahara from Total Life Forever. Their new track Inhaler is an absolute belter too! The crowd didn’t stop jumping, pushing and writhing for the whole set, it was a fantastic thing to be a part of. Yannis threw himself on top of everyone at least three times, so he was clearly loving it too.

We tried to hang around afterwards to meet the band but security did a fantastic job of prohibiting that. The following day I saw on facebook that they’d cancelled their gig for the 11th  due to Yannis catching the flu. I’m so pleased these microbes didn’t attack him on the 10th of December, otherwise I would’ve had no justification for being completely ripped off by National Rail and a nasty hotel.

To conclude: FOALS WERE FANTASTIC. They were worth every single penny. I just need to rescue my bank balance now.

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