Band of Skulls @ O2 Brixton Academy

‘Baby, Darling, Doll-face, Honey – I don’t mean to cause you worry,
There’s only hands in my pockets,
and the Queen on my money.’

I’ve seen Band of Skulls three times. Every time has been more glorious than the last. Brace yourselves, I’m preparing you for a massively biased blog post.

They opened their set at Brixton on Friday with Sweet Sour, the eponymous track from their second album. I could see Russell Marsden (guitar/vocals), Matt Hayward (drums), and Emma Richardson (bass/vocals) perfectly. I mouthed every word to every song, and shook my little head back and forth with pure joy.

My favourites included Patterns, Wanderluster, Bruises, I Know What I Am, You’re Not Pretty But You Got It Goin’ On, Impossible and The Devil Takes Care of His Own.

The whole set was recorded live, and was available to purchase on CD just minutes after the show. As I’m a fantastic facebook stalker, I already knew about this, and had pre-ordered my copy. I listened to the first disc yesterday, and I ended up dancing around my bedroom: it took me right back to that Brixton dancefloor.

Everything about Band Of Skulls is Sweet, it’s my post-gig comedown that’s Sour.

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