The Best Kind Of Borrowing

For some time now I have contemplated starting to write a blog. It is an idea I have borrowed from someone very close to my heart.

I have been on the verge of creating one for years, always talking myself in to, and then immediately out of doing so.

I am constantly frightened of being misinterpreted, but at the same time desperate to tell people what I think; even if I don’t always have a concrete or neutral opinion. I never want to upset or offend people, but sometimes I wish I had the honesty to do so (I hope you don’t misinterpret that!).

I have resolved to finally stop; to stop keeping my thoughts to myself, to stop being afraid that people might think differently about me, to stop pretending I am happy being quiet. In doing so, I will hopefully start to let go of some of my ridiculous anxieties about ‘opening up’.

I hope I can borrow some of your time and that you will deem this at least readable. So it begins…

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